You Guys, We Need to Discuss Jameela Jamil

So recently I caught up on “The Good Place” on Hulu (and if you haven’t seen The Good Place, oh my god, go binge it right now it’s such a delight and it’s so underrated). I could talk at length about my deep and abiding love for Kristen Bell and Ted Danson because they’re both perfect and hilarious but there is another magnificent hilarious actress in this show and her name is Jameela Jamil. She plays Tahani Al-Jamil who is a beautiful and tall and name-dropping goddess and I would fight for her. Before I watched "The Good Place," I had never heard of Jameela Jamil.

Anyway coincidentally, youtube recommended this video to me the other day. It is a special Red Nose Day episode of The Great British Bakeoff featuring celebrities who do not bake. And DO YOU KNOW WHO IS IN IT? Jameela Jamil, that's who. She has impeccable style and killer shoes and has never baked anything before in her life.

  You can’t see it in this picture, but her shoes truly are fantastic. Found  here .

You can’t see it in this picture, but her shoes truly are fantastic. Found here.


She is a real life Tahani and it is wonderful. Because of seeing this, I looked up Jameela Jamil to see what else she’s been in and guys: she is the coolest woman on this earth. Let’s go through her accomplishments together via her wiki page and just bask in her glow:

1. She started out working as an English teacher before being scouted as a TV presenter at 22, after which she moved on to journalism, writing for Cosmo and The Huffington Post.

2. After that she did some modeling and released her own clothing line.

3. Just to shake things up, then she went to BBC Radio 1 to host her own show, which was wildly successful, before deciding to pursue writing again.

4. She was asked to audition for “The Good Place” (where she is killing it) despite NEVER HAVING ACTED BEFORE.

And girl is only 31. Take a look at her wiki page and her imdb page, honestly. I’m sorry, I will calm down, but you guys. May we all aspire for such excellence.

  Found  here .

Found here.