Top Dogs


I have read, in my day, many a thinkpiece about the dangers of social media, and the effect that Instagram has on our self-esteem, and the culture of competition fostered by seeing only a carefully curated set of images both from your peers and from fancy, fancy fashion bloggers (I would like to take this moment to reaffirm for you that my Instagram will forever be just a series of stories wherein I watch The Crown and shout to you about how terrible Prince Philip is. That’s my truth.) Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by Instagram. Well I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU: go through your instragram and unfollow aggressively. Unfollow everyone you haven’t personally spoken to in the last month. Become a tabula rasa. NOW, and here's the important part: replace all of the people you just unfollowed with dogs. Here are my pics for the top dogs on insta to get you started:

1. @chompersthecorgi – Excellent corg, also his name is Chompers which is frankly inspired.

2. – Two dogs on one account!!! Also they are best friends!!! Truly the best!

3. @ryuji513 – Shiba inu living in Japan. Excellent snoot. Seems to have a lot of personality.

4. @didodoggo – Lil black pup!!! Has gentle eyes!!! Seems adventuresome, which is a great quality in a pup!

5. @rosiedoxie – Longhaired dachshund. Wears a lot of accessories.

6. @eleanor_thecorgi – Classic corgi. What can I say, corgis are very very good dogs. Eleanor always looks happy.

7. @honey_thegolden – Golden retrievers are classic for a reason: because they are the Platonic Ideal of dogs, the very quintessential dog. Honey is beautiful and perfect.

8. @neenadaweenadog – Neena is a mini longhair English cream dachshund and also the most beautiful dog I have ever seen in my whole life. She is an elegant wiener dog, a thing which should not be possible. I adore her.



Link preview photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash