Fall Faves

It’s almost fall again! Season of the PSL, back to school sales, and my birthday. I love fall. To gear you up for my favorite season, here is a list of my favorite things right now:

1. App: New York Times Crossword Puzzle app – Now you too can text your boyfriend at midnight, demanding “QUICKLY, I NEED THE NAME OF A GOLF PLAYER THAT STARTS WITH AN A.”

2. Podcast: “Secret Feminist Agenda” – "Secret Feminist Agenda is a weekly podcast about the insidious, nefarious, insurgent, and mundane ways we enact our feminism in our daily lives." It is my power podcast of the moment. Hannah McGregor (cool as hell lady academic and one of the hosts of the extremely important Harry Potter podcast “Witch, Please”) is the host and creator. It’s wonderful. It’s makes me feel powerful and feminine and belligerent and gives me new thoughts to think and new feelings to feel. Binge it now, please.

3. Music: HAIM – My boyfriend doesn’t get why I like them so much, but he can BACK OFF, they’re queens. “Want You Back” is a triumphant autumnal jam and the video makes me want to go wander the streets in mom jeans and chunky boots.

4. Food: Olive Bread - This week I briefly forgot that I was in Southern California in the middle of a heat wave and decided to make olive bread. Even though the oven heated my kitchen up to an atrocious temperature, it’s wonderful and delicious and I deserve to be star baker this week (I assume Mary Berry will be in contact shortly). If you try this please wait until it is chilly. Learn from my mistakes, I implore you.

5. Book: Wuthering Heights – Fall is the ideal season for reading Gothic novels wrapped burrito style in a duvet, IMO. I just read Wuthering Heights for the first time (I KNOW, I am remiss and suitably embarrassed.) and dudes, it is FULLY BANANAS. We should always be talking about Wuthering Heights, it is a masterwork and I hate every single character and I love every single word. ILU Emily Bronte, never change. SEE ALSO: the excellent Kate Bush song of the same name. I truly believe Kate Bush may be joyfully wandering the moors like a radiant wide-eyed waif at this very second. What a goddess.